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We are always constantly working in building the CRM practice teams and as part of the initiative, below are some of the featured workshops in this season:

1. Salesforce.com CRM App Building Workshop - $99 - Bring Your Laptop (Register- Paid Workshop)
  • Help define a business scenario or Use Case for your App
  • Define and Build Custom Objects for your App
  • Create Required Page Layout for your App
  • Create Validation Rules
  • Create Required Workflow Rules using Lightning Process Builder.
  • Create a Mobile App your for your App
  • Create Reports and Dashboards
2. Building Lighting Components and Applications: -  $199 - Bring Your Laptop (Register- Paid Workshop)
  • Prepare your Training Org
  • Create Custom Domain
  • Locate the Documentation Hosted in Your Org
  • Create a Lightning Component
  • Create and Preview a Lightning Application
  • Add Styles to your Custom App
  • Surface a Lightning Component
  • Enable Debug Mode
  • Install and Use the Saleforce.com Lightning Component Inspector
  • Create a Server-Side Controller
  • Create Attributes
  • Identify Aura Components in the UI Namespace
  • Create a New Component to Display Custom App Data
  • Write a Handler for Component Initialization
  • Handle the Component's Initialization Logic
  • Assign Values Retrieved from the Server to Client-Side Attributes
  • Display a List
  • Navigate to a Record's Detail Page
  • Define a Custom Event
  • Register a Custom Event
  • Transmit Data Using an Event
  • Write an Event Handler for a Custom Event
  • Modify the Apex Class to Handle Updates
  • Update a Record When It Changes
  • Handle a Standard Event
  • Test CRUD and FLS Permissions