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About KAKUDI CRM Solutions

KAKUDI CRM Solutions is the one of the Best Performing Wings of the Kakudi Inc. Businesses. We entered this business in the year 2000, and having a vast experience and expertise in this CRM area is what sets us apart from similar businesses. We study and keep our Customers well informed about the Latest Market Trends in the CRM space.

We are experts in the Areas of Conversion or Migration Projects like Legacy CRM application to NEW CRM application. Example- Clarify CRM to Oracle CRM migration, Salesforce CRM to Zoho CRM migration. etc.


We are experts in the Areas of Integration Projects like ERP systems (SAP, Oracle EBS) to CRM both inbound and outbound.


KAKUDI Inc. is a Place for Innovative and Creative people. We at Kakudi help our clients to keep the imaginations high, Dreams alive and aspirations full filled. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best and keeps you always high in your area. Dream Big, Keep it High !

There are 3 areas that we specialize in CRM space:

Below are the core areas that we focus in our Customer Relationship  Management Solutions:

Lead, Contact & Account Management
Lead Routing & Qualification
Activity Tracking & History
Opportunity Tracking & Alerts
Contract & Asset Management
e-mail Marketing
Campaign Management
Workflow & Task Automation
Case Management
e-mail Integration
Mobile Apps
Partner Relationship Management(PRM)

We are experts in Conversion and migration Projects. We evaluate your problem areas in the existing Legacy system for free and present with multiple $cost savings and best performing options to choose from. As a next  step we can arrange a next free demo demonstrating the $cost savings and best performing factors with the new system. 

Our Client list during the 12 years is spread in all Verticals of businesses like Computer Technology, Banking, Medical, Security, Credit Card, Storage Server Solutions and Retail.

Our Enterprise Clients:


Our SMB Clients:


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