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Oracle CRM

Oracle offers different CRM Solutions. Some of them are Oracle own core applications and few are by acquisitions. The few types to name are like Oracle e-business suite CRM - Oracle EBS CRM, Oracle Siebel Fusion CRM, Oracle CRM On demand.

Oracle e-business Suite (EBS) CRM:

Oracle e-business suite CRM consists of the following core module:

Oracle TeleService
Oracle Service Contracts
Oracle Field Service
Oracle Depot Repair
Oracle iSupport
Oracle Install Base

Oracle TeleService:  Oracle TeleService makes it possible for service organizations to lower support costs and deliver superior personalized service at the same time. It does so by automating not just the call center but the whole problem resolution process from the time a customer calls in, sends an e-mail, or enters a service request on the Web. Agents 
can use Oracle TeleService to update customer records, validate product ownership and contract coverage, provide proactive and personalized customer service, and resolve many problems during the initial contact using a knowledge base. Oracle TeleService is composed of the following modules:
  • Customer Care
  • Service Request
  • Charges
Oracle Service Contracts: Oracle Service Contracts provides a complete contract authoring execution solution to manage warranties, extended warranties, usage, subscription services, as well as complex service agreements. With Oracle Service Contracts you can:
  • Sell multiple types of service
  • Define pricing and billing schedules
  • Ensure timely service entitlement checks
  • Automate renewals for recurring revenue opportunities
  • Simplify change management
  • Minimize service revenue leakage
Oracle Field Service: The Oracle Field Service suite supports an automated process used by service organizations to manage their field service operations. It assists in the entire service
process from taking the customer call to fixing and reporting on the problem at a customer site. The Spares Management module of Field Service provides parts replenishment support to the organization. The entire field service process includes several major areas. The process is initiated by the creation of a field service request. To perform service out in the field, tasks are
linked to the service request. These tasks are assigned to service representatives. If applicable, required spares will be reserved or ordered. At the end, the service representative reports on the performed tasks, charges are created and, if billable, an invoice is created. This process is driven by service request status and task status changes.

Field Service is an essential part of the Field Service application suite. At the core of Field Service is the Dispatch Center, which allows the field service dispatcher to plan, dispatch, and monitor all field service activities. This ultimately ensures that the right person is in the right place at the right time with the right parts. The Field Service Report enables you to report all activities performed out in the field. And Spares Management provides the logistics and planning functionality needed to manage a service parts inventory.

Oracle Depot Repair: Oracle Depot Repair is part of the Oracle E-Business Suite and offers an enterprise-wide solution for managing depot repair processing. It targets the repair business market from simple, quick repairs to routine maintenance. Oracle Depot Repair integrates with other Oracle E-Business Suite modules to provide an integrated comprehensive solution for the repair business sector. The depot repair process includes the return of broken and serviceable items, their diagnoses and repair job estimates, customer approvals and repairs management, and subsequent return of items to customers. You use the collection of charges for materials, labor, and expenses for the repairs to invoice the customer. The depot repair process also includes the processing of item refurbishments, where the items either belong to an internal party, or the items are received from a field service warehouse and then returned to the warehouse after repair. Customers expect quick and seamless repair processing. Oracle Depot Repair provides end-to-end repair management functionality for service organizations that 
are committed to delivering a total service solution.Oracle Depot Repair enables service organizations to meet customer expectations, and draw maximum benefit by improving service readiness.

Oracle iSupport: Oracle iSupport is an Internet-based customer support application that enables service organizations to provide self-service customer support online. Oracle iSupport drives service profitability by decreasing the number of calls coming into the contact center. This secure self-service web portal gives customers and employees immediate customer service 24x7. Its sophisticated knowledge management system provides the information needed to solve problems, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Oracle Install Base: Oracle Install Base is an item instance life cycle tracking application that facilitates enterprise-wide life cycle item management and tracking capability. Oracle Install 
Base tracks an instance from the time that it is received in inventory, in work in process, in projects, at customer sites, and throughout the return and repair process. It records a history of changes to tracked items and supports the creation and maintenance of Oracle Install Base configurations. Oracle Install Base is a centralized repository of information for an item instance and its tracking details including location, status, ownership, party, account and contact relationships, configuration data, and the change history of customer items or corporate assets. The application includes drill-down capability to obtain details  of inventory, work in process, and order management transactions affecting an item's tracking attributes.
Additionally, Oracle Install Base provides links to detailed information from contracts, service requests, repair orders initiated for an item instance, and counters associated with the item instance

We at Kakudi Inc. are happy to offer the business consulting services for your project and consultants. The below are three levels of training and consulting packages with details:


Individual Consultants or Business users in a project will be trained onsite or remote in the entire Oracle e-business Suite.
  • User training- TeleService
  • User training- Service Contracts
  • User training- Depot Repair
  • User training- Field Service
  • User training- iSupport
  • User training- Install Base

Pricing starts from $4995*(3-5 days)

*It may vary based on number of users and the type of business.

Silver Package+

Individual Consultants or Business admins/analysts in a project will be trained onsite or remote in the entire Oracle e-business Suite.
  • Implementation/Admin training - TeleService
  • Implementation/Admin training - Service Contracts
  • Implementation/Admin training - Depot Repair
  • Implementation/Admin training - Field Service
  • Implementation/Admin training - iSupport
  • Implementation/Admin training - Install Base

Pricing starts from $13995*(6-9 days)

*It may vary based on number of admins and the type of business.


Gold Package+

Help with your New/About to Go Live/Up and Running projects on review and fix basis.
  • Review the overall Architect Level Oracle e-business Suite implementation or licensing or module mapping and propose the cost saving strategy.
  • Review your Solution Design Documents, Functional Design Documents, Technical Design Documents of Oracle e-business Suite and suggest alternate or better options which can save time and cost.
  • Help your onsite consultants fix the production issues and bugs.
  • Fine tune the application for faster performance.

Pricing starts from $36995*(21-28 days) or Hourly

*It may vary based on the degree of level as how poorly your system is implemented.