Zoho CRM -Online software from Zoho for managing sales, marketing and customer support. 

Kakudi Inc. implemented Zoho CRM successfully and also working with partnered Solutions.

" Kakudi Inc. spends enough time to understand the detailed business functionality before doing the exact mapping of the right CRM system and is definitely a Key player in this market place."

- Vandana Bhalla, Founder, Hymn Inc.

We at Kakudi offer three levels of ZOHO implementation packages. Prices and features are listed below for your reference:


  • Listen and understand your business model
  • Suggest the right licensing package based on the number of users and functionality wanted for your business
  • Participate and work with ZOHO team to kick start the implementation and help save your time.
  • Help you start with your data import and data clean up services
  • Help you launch you the next first campaign
The pricing starts from $995*( 3-5 days)

*It may vary with number of users, data quality and type of business. It is negotiable. Get in touch with us to get the pricing for our remote services.


Silver Package+Following:
  • User specific training - Simple day to day operations like screen navigation, leads handling, contacts management, email functionality, data management or any other specific user component in ZOHO.
  • Admin specific training -  Add menus, change labels, create campaigns, email marketing, landing pages, web forms, social lead generation, maintain data quality or any other specific admin component in ZOHO.
The pricing starts from $1995*(8-12 days)

*It may vary with number of users to be trained and level of their skills. Get in touch with us to get the pricing for our remote services.


Gold Package+Following:
  • One specific challenge in your day to day operations. 
  • One Enhancement request that your users and admins may feel absolute and thinks that it will add value to your business with ZOHO.
  • Teach your users and admins as how to become self sufficient to handle future enhancements.
The pricing starts from $2995*(23-30 days)

*It may vary with type of challenge and enhancement request. If there are any additional requests, hourly charge model can be implemented.