Dream Product 1 : RLWE - Remote LIVE Wish Experience (RLWE) platform for global users on a subscription model.

In Development and expected Launch Date : October 2024.

Problem Statement: This product aims to fulfill people's Live Wish Experience desires worldwide at an affordable subscription cost, which may vary depending on location.


Where can users access this Product?

Users can easily download it from both the Apple Store and Google Play. 

I do not have a mobile with a data plan. Can the user still access this product without a mobile device?

Yes, users can access this application via public library computers using web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

How secure is this product?

The product is built on highly secure platforms like Google Cloud to ensure robust security measures.

Is this product going to use any Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Techniques?

Absolutely. We are incorporating advanced AI and ML techniques into the product.

What kind of skill set is being used in the product development?

Our team comprises a Product Manager, multiple Data Engineers, UI/UX developers, and QA resources, ensuring a comprehensive skill set for effective product development.

Dream Product 2 : CarPool Parents.

In Development and expected Launch Date : December 2024.

Problem Statement: This application aims to facilitate parents in organizing carpools for their children's school commute. By collaborating with other parents in the area, users can efficiently arrange shared rides for their kids.


Where can user access this Product?

Users can conveniently download the app from both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Does this app cost money? If so, how much is the cost?

Yes, there is a subscription fee of only $0.99 per month to access the application.

In which countries will this app be available?

Initially, the app will be exclusive to the USA in its first phase. Subsequently, following the second phase rollout, it will be accessible globally.

How do I login/register?

Simply register or log in using any email address.

How is this application secure?

To ensure security, new users need to be validated by a reference parent, typically the main parent managing the carpool group.

How do I get validated and how does it function?

Upon registration, users enter the email of the validating parent. The validating parent decides whether to approve the user for their carpool group. Rejections may lead to account suspension if deemed suspicious.

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