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Need help with Work Place Command Center?

Command Center can help businesses and communities return to the workplace safely. The Command Center is important since every CEO, every CIO, every CHRO, and every facility’s manager. They're all agreeing, There is tremendous amount of information and data that’s required to determine when to safely bring people back into the workplace.  And that’s why Salesforce created the Command Center for all of you. It’s a single pane of glass for managing all of those complexities for reopening businesses and bringing people safely back into the workplace. From the Command Center, executives and managers can determine the readiness to return to the workplace. They can access employee wellness data. They can manage shift scheduling. They can track training completion. And they can interact with dashboards, with public and your data. And most importantly, you can customize and extend the Command Center to fit your exact needs because it’s built on our platform and with our incredible ecosystem of partners and AppExchange. With the help with Salesforce Care we will he able to help you implement this successfully. 

The Command Center and Shift Management are expected to be generally available in June 2020. Each add-on to Platform Starter with introductory pricing of $5 per user per month. Employee Wellness will be included with Command Center.

Need help with Emergency Response Management?

Emergency Response Management, which includes Contact Tracing, is available from the month of May 2020. It is a suite of existing products, Health Cloud, Service Cloud, Lightning Scheduler, and Salesforce Maps, as well as a new product, Emergency Program Management. Emergency Program Management is add-on to any Health Cloud or Service Cloud license in Enterprise Edition or above Priced at $50 per month.

Need help with Shift Management and Planning?

As we reopen and communities and come back to work, we need to ensure that once offices open, they stay open. Doing so will require leaders to make adaptations. We need to coordinate management and communication plans and focusing on safety, security and efficiency. With’s new shift management and planning solutions, Organizations are able to model their workplace site capacities. They can ask their employees when they’re available to come into the offices and they can plan for the arrivals. To ensure that we stagger those times, ensuring that we maintain spatial distancing is necessary to ensure continuity. Once leaders have visibility into their employees availability, shift managers can use powerful tools to be able to specify which employees, functions and projects are staffed first. This is able to be automated through the power scheduling optimization. After the shifts are created, employees can confirm their availability. They’ll receive schedule notifications, allowing them to easily confirm right from their phones. And then once confirmed, arrival windows will be specified to ensure spatial distancing so that once all employees arrive, they feel safe and secure in their office. Check out more information about the product, watch a demo, see what the experts have to say, and reach out for additional information.

Need help with Employee Wellness Assessment

Review the Scenario of Company - Salesforce's 160 locations have closed down faster than ever, and so, Salesforce wants to re-open soon and safely. During this time, Salesforce is learning about how and what they can do to re-open safely, and this time of disaster calls for re-imagining every square foot of the world for physical and social distancing and not making all of our locations start from scratch. There are many problems like that the capacity of a building has decreased by 40 or 50 percent because of social and physical distancing. Using elevators has become much harder. Things are changing quickly. To help re-open and solve all the problems, Salesforce has made a tool called This Wellness is included as part of the Command Center

Need help with Contact Tracing

Why salesforce and contact tracing 

Well, it is quite a bit like CRM 

Salesforce is trying to identify and understand relationships between people but instead of doing that to better market or service your customers, in this case, you're doing it for the health of your constituents or your employees

Salesforce is conducting health assessments, scheduling on site testing, sharing educational content about an infectious disease, or your reaching out to somebody that has potentially been exposed, ideally in a way that's empathetic and has recommendations about what's best to do for them next.

Salesforce built this solution for governments to deal with pandemics like the one we're facing now, and employers to safely reopen with their teams. 

Inspired by the work  in Africa in the Ebola outbreaks, and some of the early work you've seen from some of the countries like Singapore during this current pandemic.

Salesforce saw an opportunity to help you, our customers, and our community, and we designed for three things.

Speed, privacy, and safety is the basis of contact tracing. 

Salesforce contact tracing solution helps in three simple ways.

First, it helps accelerate the identification and intake the process.

Healthcare coordinators and can use out-of-the-box assessments and guided interview templates to identify people at risk.

Second, contact tracers can use it to identify potential risks to communities by tracing relationships across people, places, and events, and identifying hot spots as big as, say, the state of California, down to something as small as a hardware store in Laramie County, Wyoming.

Finally, it allows contact tracers to slow the spread by immediately reaching out to people that have potentially been exposed and setting them up for ongoing monitoring and check-ins. Speed matters at this time. We're honored to have a solution that's gonna help you guy move faster.

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