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Explore the Power of Google Workspace (formerly known as G-Suite):

Unlock a world of collaborative possibilities with our comprehensive Google Workspace services. From dynamic websites to secure document storage, seamless email communication to intuitive calendars and beyond, we provide a suite of solutions tailored to enhance your digital experience.

Our Google Workspace services include:

Rest easy knowing that your data is secure and accessible from anywhere, thanks to our hosting on Google Servers.

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Google Cloud Platform:

Kakudi Inc is a Google Cloud partner that offers a wide range of cloud services under the Google Cloud Platform. These include:

Compute: We help you run your applications on scalable and reliable virtual machines, containers, and serverless platforms, using products such as App Engine, Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Functions, and Cloud Run.

Storage: We help you store and manage your data securely and efficiently, using products such as Bigtable, Datastore, Firestore, Filestore, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Spanner, and Memorystore.

Anthos: We help you modernize your applications and run them consistently across different environments, using the hybrid and multi-cloud platform Anthos. Anthos also provides features such as service mesh, observability, and API management to help you deliver high-quality apps anywhere.

With our strategic partnership with Google, the leading tech innovator, we can help you solve your business challenges with cloud-based solutions that are fast, flexible, and cost-effective. Learn more about Kakudi Inc and how we can help you achieve your goals with Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud offers a variety of products and services for different domains and needs. Some of the most famous Google Cloud products that partners like Kakudi Inc can help with are:


Google Cloud partner Kakudi Inc., can help implement Anthos for enterprise customers by providing the following services:

Consulting: Kakudi Inc. can help customers design, plan, and architect their Anthos solutions, based on their specific needs and goals. Kakudi Inc. can also advise customers on best practices, security, and compliance for Anthos deployments.

Implementation: Kakudi Inc. can help customers install, configure, and integrate Anthos with their existing infrastructure, whether it is on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid. Kakudi Inc. can also help customers migrate their workloads to Anthos and optimize their performance and scalability.

Support: Kakudi Inc. can provide ongoing support and maintenance for customers’ Anthos environments, including troubleshooting, monitoring, and upgrading. Kakudi Inc. can also help customers leverage the features and benefits of Anthos, such as service mesh, observability, and API management