Cloud Solutions

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As part of the G-Suite, we offer the below services:

  • Sites
  • Drive
  • Mail
  • Calender
  • Docs

All your data is secure and accessible from everywhere as they are hosted on Google Servers. More info is below:

Few sample websites and businesses from our Clients List:

Kakudi Inc.:

A Silicon Valley based Corporation offering Consulting Solutions. Find more info at :

Temple Orgs:

It is about the Ancient Temples in India. The information about the temple was published using internet solutions. Find more info at:,


IT Services Business. Find more info at:

Nyalapogula Consultancy Services:

Engineering Consulting Company. Find more info at:

Universal Mother Cow Org:

A Social conscious website. Find more info at:

If any questions about Internet Solutions. Contact us any time.

Google Cloud Platform:

As part of the Google Cloud Platform we offer the below Cloud Services:

  • Compute
    • App Engine
    • Compute Engine
    • Kubernetes Engine
    • Cloud Functions
    • Cloud Run
  • Storage
    • Bigtable
    • Datastore
    • Firestore
    • Filestore
    • Storgae
    • SQL
    • Spanner
    • Memorystore

Want to learn about Kakudi Inc as how we can bring some great solutions to your business challenges with our strategic partnership with great tech innovator like Google.


Kakudi Inc offers the Consultation Services for Anthos, which plays well with multiple other cloud providers, including some of Google’s biggest competitors: Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure.